MUMBAI - formerly Bombay, the most populated city in India (18 million people) located on an island off the Konkan coast in the state of Maharastra. Most international flights arrive in Mumbai in the middle of the night; first glimpse of the city from the air - chaotic strings of flickering lights revealing a gigantic sprawling metropolis. Daylight Mumbai overwhelms your senses - its smells, flavors, noise, and intense heat clog every pore of your body while the visual complexity has all the makings of a surrealist painting, hiding recognizable figures behind seemingly abstract layers. Pavements, sleeping dogs, wayside shrines, fruit sellers, Western tourists, sleeping beggars, decaying colonial architecture, office workers, abandonned textile mills, Bollywood stars on posters, dilapidated beehive-like tenements, fancy shopping malls... and ROCK-CUT TEMPLE AT ELEPHANTA (6th century)


Gateway of India
Shiva linga of Elephanta
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