Although the largest Tibetan communities are currently located in the southern state of Karnataka, Dharmasala is a very unusual place in a sense that it is a "capital" of Tibetan life in exile where all possible Tibetan cultural, political, and artistic organizations are clustered. Among them are the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (where about 40% of Tibet's original manuscripts are stored), Refugee Reception Center, Namgyal Monastery, Institute of Performing Arts, Insitute of Buddhist Dialectics and many others. Increasingly important are Tibetan Children's Villages (TCV)- network of schools throughout refugee communities in India, Nepal, and Bhutan, having as a main goal to bring up the community's children as Tibetans, deeply rooted in their cultural and national heritage. A TCV in McLeod Ganj is featured in my documentary "Dharma Kid."

Lama Dance
Mandala Sand Painting
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