Factoria is a Russian word meaning a trading post in the remote tundra or taiga regions. Factoria "Laborovaya," 200 km from Salekhard, is a tiny settlement in the middle of the tundra, which has a shop, where the nomads can bring their meat, furs, fish, berries, etc. in exchange for tea, sugar, bread, matches, fabric, and other things they cannot produce themselves. The nomads do their shopping twice a year, buying everything in bulk, loading onto sledges, and heading back into the tundra. The unofficial mistress here is Anna Pavlovna Nerkagi, a famous Nenets writer and activist, who organized an experimental elementary "ethnic" school for nomads' kids. Besides general subjects, Anna Pavlovna teaches kids how to survive in the tundra. During the Soviet times, young kids were taken away from the tundra to boarding schools... READ MORE

Factoria "Laborovaya"
Anna Pavlovna Nerkagi
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