Panjiayuan Market is a huge flea market in Beijing where you can buy anything from jade to Mao memorabilia to Tibetan thankas of dubious quality. However, the first thing Ian discovered there was a stall selling animal parts - tiger's penises, paws, and pelts, clouded leopard's skin, and horns of saiga antelope, now extinct in China. The vendors claimed to have killed the tigers in India. Ian contacted Dr Who, a Chinese biologist friend, to organize a raid to the market. When the Doctor arrived with a bunch of market policemen, we were witnesses to a long heated debate in Chinese, after which it turned out that we have just discovered not an international environmental violation, but a tourist trap. The penises were bull's, the clouded leopard's skin was a masterfully painted dog's skin, and the paws had claws glued on with a Chinese version of superglue...The saiga horns were probably real though.

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Dr Who breaking off fake claws