Cinetrance: Summer Rooftop Screenings

Cinetrance: Summer Rooftop Screenings are weekly series of films on shamanism, indigenous religions, and spirituality put together by Anya Bernstein and Philip Riley. We are going to show them on Anya's roof in Chelsea on a weekly basis. The screenings take place every Friday at 8PM, but sometimes are moved to different days depending on the weather.

We are always looking for suggestions for films that blur the boundaries between art, anthropology, and documentary while dealing with the above topics, so if you would like to suggest a film, please contact the organizers. To be put on our mailing list, please send us an email (to send an email, press the "contact" button on the left). Please check back for updates as the programme is still being finalized.

Summer 2007 Programme

June 14. Forest of Bliss. By Robert Gardner, produced with Ákos Östör. (90 min, 1986).

June 29. Maya Deren. Meshes in the Afternoon (18 mins, 1943) and Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti (60 min, 1985, shot b/w 1947 and 1952).

July 6. Haxan (Witchcraft Through the Ages). Benjamin Christensen (1922, black and white, 74 min), with narration by William S. Burroughs.

July 19. Picture of Light. Peter Mettler (83 min, 1994).

July 28. Short Cut to Nirvana. Maurizio Benazzo (85 min, 2004).

August 03. Wheel of Time. Werner Herzog (81 min, 2003).

August 12. Gambling, Gods, and LSD. Peter Mettler (180 min, 2002)