Salekhard is changing with a remarkable speed; e.g., just two years ago, it was mostly comprised of 1-2 story wooden houses, whereas today it boasts many architecturally eclectic high-rise apartments of lively colors built by hardy Canadian and Turkish workers.
Situated in Northwestern Siberia, SALEKHARD is allegedly the only city in the world, lying exactly on the Arctic Circle. In the local Nenets language, it means "a settlement on the cape," that is a "capetown." The Russians started arriving in the 16th century, having established the outpost of Obdosrk and forcing the indigenous reindeer-herding Nenets people, who didn't want to pay the tribute, into the inhospitable tundra areas further North. Today Salekhard is the capital of Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region and the population is mostly Russian. Due to the development of the large untapped natural gas deposits on the Yamal peninsula,
© Photos by Sergej Bazanov and Wladd
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