The first thing that strikes you in the tundra is, undoubtedly, its immensity. The sky here is bigger than anywhere else, but it does not diminish the land, which is truly gigantic. When you look at the tundra from the city, it seems that you are on the beach, contemplating the ocean.

The horizon. We become possessed by this horizon and by the feeling of infinite emptiness. The emptiness of the sound, where the faintest cry of a bird sounds strikingly beautiful and makes the space even more magnificent. Also, the emptiness of the gaze, finally not encumbered by anything. But if you look closer, it turns out that this emptiness is very relative. It's enough to lower the eyes to the ground, to see the miniature rainforest, where moth and lichen intertwine, forming an oriental carpet. Where did you find emptiness here? How can you call empty a peninsula with 30,000 lakes...?(Wladd)

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