Xishuangbanna is a sub-tropical region in South China, in the deep south of Yunnan province, bordering with Laos and Burma. It has a distinct South-East Asian feel and is a melting pot for Yunnan minorities. While the largest minority in Xishuangbanna are the Dai people, ethnically belonging to the Thai family(along with Siamese, Lao, etc); other minorities include the Miao, Zhuang, Yao, Jinuo, Lahu, etc. The Dai are traditionally Buddhist, combining Theravada Buddhism, (like in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Sri-Lanka) with indigenous spirit worship. Now, that the Chinese relaxed their anti-religious campaign, monasteries are being re-opened and orange-clad monks from Thailand arrive to revive the Buddhist tradition. We also spent some time in the jungle, trying to chase the elusive wild elephants, to no avail.
Dai Kids
Dai Village
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